Regarding the manner of attribution:

(Note: This attribution information applies to folks who want to publish materials that either include my Calculus-Based Physics materials within their own work, or represent a modification of my Calculus-Based Physics materials.  If you are simply using my Calculus-Based Physics materials in your own class, you can print and copy them as is;  you can modify them and print and copy the results for your students;  and you can cut and paste pieces of them into your own handouts and print and copy the results for your students.)

Everybody has rights to use my Calculus-Based Physics materials but nobody has exclusive rights to use them.  The attribution requirement is in place to prevent someone from thinking that they do have exclusive rights to all or some fraction of the Calculus-Based Physics materials.

If you use an excerpt from Calculus-Based Physics  in your own work, please write near the excerpt, on the same page as the excerpt, "online textbook Calculus-Based Physics by Jeffrey Schnick."

If you use a lot of excerpts and you would prefer not to include an attribution near each excerpt, write, somewhere near the beginning or end of your work, a statement to the effect that you used a lot of excerpts from the online textbook Calculus-Based Physics by Jeffrey Schnick.

If you modify Calculus-Based Physics  and release the result (hey, this is what I'm hoping folks will do); for instance, if you rearrange the chapters, tweak the text to make the new arrangement more viable, and you change the notation to notation that you prefer; please release the resulting work as Calculus-Based Physics by Jeffrey Schnick as modified by [your name goes here]. If you are modifying a previously modified version of Calculus-Based Physics, just add your name to the list of modifiers.

If you modify the book to the extent that one volume of the resulting work includes at least five chapters from you and at least five chapters from Calculus-Based Physics, list the two of us as co-authors for that volume.

If you want to use part or parts of Calculus-Based Physics in a derivative work that you are willing to release under the same license governing Calculus-Based Physics and the manner of attribution specified here appears to be unclear, overly onerous, or just not the way you would like to do it, please write me. (My email address is jschnick followed by that character that appears when you press Shift-2, followed by anselm, followed by a period, followed by edu.)