Calculus-Based Physics
a Free Physics Textbook
by Jeffrey W. Schnick, Ph.D.
Physics Department   
Saint Anselm College

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1st Semester Downloads


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pdf version of Calculus-Based Physics Volume I :  You need to have the symbols fonts below for the smaller pdf file (the text version) to display and print properly.  What you see on each page of the larger file, with "image" in its name, is an image of the corresponding page of the text version.  You don't need the symbols fonts for that one but there may be a little bit of distortion of the letters on your monitor depending on your magnification.  Also, you can't use the search feature to search for a word or expression in it. It does print perfectly.
(1.4 Mb)
MS Word version of Calculus-Based Physics I
Click on the file name to download the book to your computer as a compressed MS Word file. Once you have it on your computer, unzip it. Then you can edit it using MS Word. (See also the Symbols Fonts below.)
(4 kb)
(6 kb)
Symbols Fonts: In writing Calculus-Based Physics, I used a couple of partial fonts that I created using the High Logic Font Creator. Each font includes a few symbols that I either couldn't find or whose representations I found unacceptable in the fonts I had.  To install a font in Windows: Download it, right click on the file name, and select install.  Another option is to simple copy it to the c:\windows\Fonts folder.
(34 kb)
pdf version of cover page and spine text
I provide this in case you choose to print a copy of the book and put it in one of those 3-ring binders with the clear plastic covering into which you can slip the cover page and spine text.
(6 kb)
MS Word version of cover page and spine text


Physics Formula Sheet
The pdf version of the 1st semester formula sheet can be viewed directly.  See the description of THE BOOK above to find out about the "image" version.  The file unzips to a one-page MS WordTM document. Create an empty directory and unzip the file into it. It consists of 280 small files each of which is either an htm file or a gif file. One of these is index.htm. The file index.htm is an html version of an older version of the formula sheet in which each entry is a link to an explanation of the entry.

Math Resources
Link to Math Recources:  This link takes you to the download page for the mathematics handouts and other mathematics resources that I use in the Calculus-Based Physics course that teach at Saint Anselm College.
(454 kb)

(17.5 Mb)
pdf version of the 1st semester SAC Physics Problems. There is a set of physics problems for each chapter in the book. The numbering scheme for the problems does not conform to the chapter numbers. The current plan is not to change the problem numbers. So, if, for instance, you create a nice solution to SAC114 problem 2, it will always be the solution to SAC114 problem 2, even in later versions of the SAC Physics Problems. Refer to the Fall 2004 syllabus below to see which problems correspond to which chapters.  See the description of THE BOOK above to find out about the "image" version.
(843 kb)
MS Word version of the 1st semester SAC Physics Problems--a single document.
Solutions-to- 1st-Semester- SAC-Physics-Problems
Link to solutions of the 1st semester SAC Physics Problems. The solutions come in a variety of forms: gif files, QuickTime movies, wmv files, and ScreenCam and WinCamTM movie executables. The link at left takes you to a page with a few sample files and a bunch of zip files. The file types are described on that page.
(698 kb)
(450 kb)
1st semester Class Questions: I use a combination of these questions (provided here in pdf and as a zipped set of Microsoft PowerPointTM slides) and Dr. Eric Mazur's Concept Tests (see Off-Site Resources ) for almost all the classroom sessions I hold with my students. The students read the chapter in advance of the classroom session and, instead of listening to me lecture on concepts they read about, the students practice applying the concepts in class. Students indicate their responses by means of colored indexed cards, or by means of the "clickers" of the Beyond QuestionTM classroom response system.
(2.3 Mb)
1st semester On-Line Quizzes Blackboard Export file. This is a zip file created by Blackboard using the course export tool. This will be of use to you if you are using Blackboard 6.0 or later. If so, just download this zip file to your computer and bring it into your Blackboard course using the Blackboard Import Package utility (when Blackboard asks you to choose, select "Tests, Pools, and Surveys"). There is a quiz for every lecture/chapter. The value of the quizzes lies in the feedback portion of each.
(2.3 Mb)
(3.1 Mb)
pdf version of the 1st-semester On-Line Quizzes and the Answers with Feedback to a quiz-taker who simply selected the first possible answer to every question. The quizzes will be more useful to you if you have Blackboard 6.0 or later but at least you can see what they look like here.
(35 kb)
pdf version of old 1st semester syllabus, grading information, and laboratory policies. The syllabus comes in handy for establishing the SAC physics problem to lecture correspondence.
(20 kb)
MS Word version of old 1st semester syllabus, grading information, laboratory policies, and laboratory schedule.
(13.4 Mb)

The Merry-Go-Round Video
A short clip of people on a Merry-Go-Round designed to show what happens to a spinning object when the mass is redistributed while it is spinning.


Chalk Talks
Short lectures on selected physics topics in the form of asf files which can be played in Media Player.